World Social Protection Report 2017 - 19

Universal social protection to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

  • A global overview of recent trends in social protection systems and social protection floors (SDG 1.3);
  • The current state of social protection for children, for women and men of working age, for people with disabilities, and for older persons;
  • Global, regional and country data on coverage, benefits and public expenditure;
  • A 2015 baseline for monitoring the SDG indicator 1.3.1.


Key links

The quest for income security

Maternity Protection

Unemployment protection

Employment injury protection

Disability benefits



Arab States

Asia and the Pacific

Europe and Central Asia

Statistical annexes

Part A The demographic, economic and labour market environment

Demographic indicators

Labour force and employment indicators

Economic and  poverty indicators

Part B The demographic, economic and labour market environment

Effective coverage (SDG indicator 1.3.1)




Employment injury

Disability Benefits

Old age

Health-specific indicators

Social protection expenditure